Having Problems With Rats Or Mice In Your Home? Call the Bug Doctor Today!

Have you ever walked into your kitchen for a midnight snack, only to find a little furry blur running across the floor? Some people think…ahh he’s cute, and some go straight for standing on top of a chair or table screaming. But the health hazards and disgusting reality is that a mouse/rat produce over 35-50 fecal droppings a day and urinate almost as much as that. Most people don’t realize how much presents these vermin leave around in your pots, drawers, cabinets, counter tops and other areas of your home they find tantalizing. droppings chart pest cemetery 209x300 209x300 - Having Problems With Rats Or Mice In Your Home? Call the Bug Doctor Today! It is important that you remove these vermin right away. To help solve the issue you will need to identify a few things to help prevent future unwanted move ins. The three items that a home can offer to a rat/mouse are food, water and harborage. So making sure you don’t have a leaking pipe that is providing water, or food laying around is a start. Make sure to remove anything that the vermin has been into, and take out your garbage. After that you may want a reputable professional pest control company to come in and help identify any other areas that a rodent may be gaining entry into your home, food or items that may be tasty to the rodent, any areas that the rodent may be hiding in and placing baits/traps in well-established routes that the rodent may be taking day to day.

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