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From following ant trails along a scenic Iowa river bank to catching stink bugs and pranking his siblings; Jerry had no clue he was setting himself for the career path he knows and loves today.

In the year nineteen hundred and ninety, Jerry had only three things to his: A family, a truck and a dream. Freshly coming off of being a dog house builder of all things, he reignited his passion for bugs and nature and set out on a journey that is still being written. He knew there was a better way to pest control than that of what the conglomerates could offer. Following his in-laws, he set out for Ocala Florida, a place that has no shortage of bugs. Armed with a clunky sprayer and a thousand watt smile, he paved the path of what you see today: The Bug Doctor. For years many have said ‘The American Dream is dead’, and if Jerry had bought into that lie, you would not be reading this today. Of course, there were hard times, and times where the business was on the brink of failure, but a strong will and faith can trump any circumstance. If you have a few DAYS to spare, Jerry could sit down and tell you an endless amount of stories from those times past, and even today. Ones that could make your skin crawl, eyes water, and ribs hurt from laughter all at the same time. It was tough schlepping to and fro accounts, sometimes being loved or hated, but the love of his family and little creepy crawling guys made it all worth it. It did not start with The Bug Doctor, however. You could say Jerry got a good trial by fire, thrown to the wolves moment when he first started. He met his sweetheart and wife of thirty plus years, Renee, in Baltimore Maryland, where the “city bugs” rule. Some would argue that Florida is the haven for pests and bugs of all kinds, but pests in a metro city are a different breed of bug. Rats the size of small dogs and roaches with seemingly six-inch legs gave Jerry a good taste of the industry within his first few days. It was in these moments where the love, though strange to some, was sparked. Every man can relate to the satisfaction that is problem-solving, and pest control is no exception. It’s often misinterpreted that a pest control tech is set out to kill all bugs. If that was the case, Jerry would’ve steered clear. His goal was and is to simply let pests know where they are welcome, and where they are not. A few casualties occur in the process, but the end goal is to let them exist and thrive where they are most capable; aka NOT in your home or business!

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Jerry and Renee Schappert