Rat Invasion of The Villages

This has been a banner year for rats. Calls have soared as Ocala residents and businesses scramble to the phone to call out exterminators or go out to their sheds to get out their old dusty and rusted traps. This surge has even made the news as of late and as of this writing it… Continue Reading

The Oriental Roach

The Oriental roach is also known as the waterbug partly because it is most often associated with damp and moist places. This bug is one of the larger peridomestic roaches and is most often found in lower lying areas of the home such as basements or crawl spaces. Homes with high humidity, chronic leaks, sump… Continue Reading

The Do’s and Don’ts of Rodent Control

To kill a bug one needs only to apply his or her learning on the specific pests habits and that’s half the game. Insects don’t ‘think’ per se but rather react to stimuli or needs and bada bing, one dead bug. What if you threw a brain into that insect which could analyze, think critically… Continue Reading