Searching For A Great Pest Control Company In The Ocala Area

So you’re searching for that perfect company for your home or office. And you have questions, like whom in Ocala can I trust, can I leave them a key, and what kind of pest control do I need? Well first off let’s start with who can you trust in a pest control company? The best thing to do is search the web for a reputable Ocala Pest Control company. Try searching companies that have Google reviews like The Bug Doctor Has. Read their reviews and see if they fit into what you want in a company.

A second option is word of mouth, talk to your neighbors, coworkers, and friends and see who they recommend. You should also ask them questions like, do you trust them, do you have any concerns, and if they are professional and have clean equipment and trucks. Don’t ever settle on just asking one friend or colleague, ask several of them.

You can also pick up the phone to find that company you’re looking for and calling to ask those questions. Discuss with them your problems and ask how they would help you control and/or rid your issues. Don’t be afraid to wait for a return call, sometime the secretaries don’t have all the answers and have to ask the technician and be sure to tell them about the specific pest problem you’re having.

Schedule a consultation appointment, they are very important when selecting the company, tell them I would like to meet with a technician, and see what he recommends. Don’t be afraid to save specimens in a baggie or napkin. This way the technician can see exactly what’s happening and let you know if your house needs bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, every 2 months, or even semiannual to annual services. That way when the technician arrives, ask to see the interior of the vehicle, or sneak a glance yourself. See if the technician looks professional, this will be a good indication of the type of company you are inviting into your home.

Now that you have your appointments, and the technician is there to evaluate your home, is he nice and is he informative. Do you feel comfortable with this person and does he or she answer your questions, and does he or she give you a plan of attack to rid your home of unwanted guests. If you give them a key to your house, where do they keep it? Is it secure? Does he give you a quote in writing? Do you feel comfortable with this person having access to your home? Can he give you references from his other customers; these are things to ask when looking for a technician/company.

If you feel you don’t have time to make all those appointments on the phone you can always try the web, there are several companies that will let you set an appointment or request online. You can even find appointment setups online like All in all take the time to find out about the company you want to service your home and be very thorough in your search.

Here at The Bug Doctor Inc., we would be honored to have your consideration.

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