Preventing Termites In Your Home


A lot of people wonder how termites find their way into our homes when they are blind and prefer to not be in the light, I mean they live underground but why do they actually build tunnels to our homes? Termites don’t have noses and it’s as if they are totally random in finding our homes.  Bigger yet why does it happen every year that homes get infested with them and cost billions upon billions of dollars to treat and repair our homes. A lot of research is being done right now to find out how they find our homes, the research so far suggests that termite foraging is not random and very purposely. While scientists find the answers, I can give you a breakdown on the three things that cause this. One reason is moisture, this is a very essential ingredient that will attract more termites to the moisture rich area versus the really dry area. swarmmers emerging 300x293 - Preventing Termites In Your HomeTermites will break the surface of the soil or wood they are eating and actually use their saliva, fecal matter and soil to make a mud tunnel to close the gap, this tunnel helps hold in the moisture they need to survive and enables them to eat and search the areas for more food. This is why a group of termites are sent out to search for a ready-made source of water, and when they do they colony makes full use of it. As homeowners we unwittingly supply termites with the supply of water, from our dripping faucets, leaky pipes, sprinklers aimed improperly, and over-watering contribute to being the #1 over supplier of water. The second reason is the way we build our homes, when wood makes contact with the ground; it gives the termite a ready-made food source along with the source of water.  The reason for this is when wood makes contact with the ground; it acts like a sponge and soaks up moisture. And again moisture is the number one thing they look for and when you provide a food source too…, it’s a smorgasbord!  To prevent termites from finding your home tasty and appetizing there are some quick and simple ways to prevent them. First you may need to contact a handyman to remove/repair the wood that touches the ground and take away that entry area for the termite. Second you will need to repair that leaky faucet or move the a/c drip line away from your home. This will make your home less appealing to any termites, but by no means is it foolproof to stop termites from striking your home, just makes it a little less appealing. If you find your in need of help with termites in your home, office or garage, please contact us at The Bug Doctor – 237-0122, we will be glad to help. 

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