Ants: The Bait & Switch Method

Now more than ever, with advancements in the pest control industry, the holy grail of treatment methods has come our way. Baiting for ants has been used for a very long time, but when combining bait with a non –repellent spray it becomes one of the most effective ways to deal with certain kinds of ants. It has been termed in the industry as the Bait and Switch Method,  But that is just the beginning of effective pest management.  Jerry Schappert of and owner of The Bug Doctor in Ocala, Florida says “spending that extra minute tracking the ants to their nest will eliminate the ants faster and help prevent “an unhappy client” and he even has some interesting and helpful video’s on Youtube that make it seem so easy, but in reality it’s an education and an art form to know your pests and know what each species typically will and will not do or eat. Baits and Sprays have become advanced in the last few decades. But it still doesn’t matter, if your pest control company does not take the time to “track” the ants to their nest(s), or identify what type of species of ants they are, it becomes a headache for the clients as the bait and switch method will only work on certain ants..  One such ant that this will not work on is the Carpenter ant. While a bait and switch method might be great for what most Floridians call the “sugar ant”, Carpenter ants cannot be treated the same way. They require a different approach to remove the pests as not only do they have the main colony, but they typically have quite a few satellite colonies as well.

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