Ocala pest control

The Bug Doctor Inc. is a full service pest control company that has been serving the Ocala area since 1993. Our trained technicians service residential and commercial structures with only the most modern and effective pest control measures. From roaches to rats, termites to birds we can do it all. Our staff is constantly updated with training sessions both on and off the field. Not only do we serve Ocala, we live here too, so we are familiar with the bugs that bother you most and have the knowledge of the area and the way these pests invade your Florida home.

Over the years we have grown by a steady ‘word of mouth’ campaign. Friends tell friends and whole families sign on to something they find to be a great deal and service. We have many friends in the Ocala area and have generations of families that look to us to rid them of their unwanted pests. Trust is something we take seriously and strive to earn it everyday. We can only attribute our success to the many great residents of Ocala and the surrounding areas and for that we say thank you.

Perhaps you are new to the Marion county area or have never considered using The Bug Doctor Inc. for your pest control needs. We hope that you will take a good look at our company and see what so many of your neighbors enjoy about our service. Founded in trust and ever learning we promise that no one will work harder at solving your problem and taking care of your home or business. We invite you to give us a call at 237-0122 or use the contact page to talk with our friendly staff. Let us prove to you the value of our treatments and show you why so many people have chosen the Bug Doctor as their pest control company right here in the heart of Florida.

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