Swarming Termites In Ocala

My family and I love to go skiing. For years we booked our trips to the frigid mountains in late January or early February. Big mistake.

Why? Well, running a termite and pest control business in north central Florida  (Ocala & surrounding areas) you don’t want to be away when the hottest time for termite activity is occurring. That time, is in those first two months.

Sure, subterranean termites can, and do, swarm at different times for different reasons. All things considered however Jan/Feb are the peak for our area.

Swarmers come out of the ground in huge masses when the sun starts to warm the air. It’s almost always between 9 am and 12 noon and predictably the day of or after a rain. Now out in the woods or back along a fence line is one thing but in your living room is quite another.

Panic is often the call of the day as our office gets swamped with calls and surprised homeowners are so often at a loss of what to do. My advice; don’t panic- instead, call our office and we’ll be out quickly to assess your situation and expertly guide you through to the best solution for you and your family.

With over 30 years in the industry and treating termites in Ocala since 1993 and a $250,000.00 guarantee to back up our work….. I’m sure we can help you too.

See you on the mountain!

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