Here’s a quick tip for the fastest elimination of german roaches.

Imagine if you were stuck in the middle of the desert. Which could you survive longer without, food or water? The truth is almost all creatures can go longer without food but only a week or so without precious life giving water. The same is true with german roaches. In fact, a roach can survive almost a month without food but only about 7 days without moisture.

Use this to your advantage!

Deprive german roaches from water by doing what we call at The Bug Doctor “A Moisture Sweep” & you could see your german roach population ‘crash’ dramatically in a very short period of time.

To do the ‘sweep’ will want to concentrate on where german roaches will most likely be, the kitchen and bathrooms. Using a towel go through these rooms and make sure you have no standing water anywhere that the roach can get to. Sinks, dishwashers, strainers etc. Move any plants on sills that are watered, move coffee makers temporarily to another room & perhaps water coolers. (no amount is to small) This includes wet wash cloths or towels left hanging to dry from your sweep. If you have dripping pipes under the sink or appliances get them fixed as soon as possible.

Do this sweep at least twice per day- once before work and once before you go to bed. Germans roaches will be most active during quiet times and when the lights are out. 30 days of faithful “moisture sweeps” and I guarantee you’ll be glad you took the effort. The population will become extremely stressed and begin crashing in huge numbers.

PS…. if you want to put your moisture sweep on hyper speed. Put a dehumidifier in the kitchen and dry out the air. Just remember the collected moisture in your machine needs to be emptied and dried so it doesn’t become a source.

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