Termite Control

Home is where your heart is but what do you do when your home is destroyed by a group of unwanted visitors? Unlike your noisy neighbors, termites know their way in and out of your home without being noticed. Your house is a big investment and a place you want to feel safe and secure in. That’s why we are here to protect all Ocala homes against the growing threat of termite infestation. We also back our work with a $250,000.00 repair guarantee for qualifying homes

Termites are Always Eating

Termites don’t know the meaning of the word “diet”. They consume wood, flooring, and wallpaper, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In fact, the amount of wood that they eat is equivalent to a cup of sawdust that is eaten in two hours. So it is important to eliminate them fast.

Strength in Numbers

Termites make teamwork one of their top priorities. Whether it’s Drywood Termites or Subterranean Termites, they work as a colony just like ants. And don’t be surprised if you rarely see them, because they build mud tubes for travel to conceal themselves from nearby enemies. A skilled pest control company like us, can find your termite problems and eliminate them. Saving your home from any further damage!

Continuous Treatment

Don’t wait for your home to be diagnosed with having a severe condition of termite infestation. Just like a doctor who conducts annual physical examination, we give your home a yearly inspection to ensure that it’s safe from harm. We also offer solutions for year round protection from future infestation.

Get Rid of Termites Permanently

We use the latest techniques for finding and eliminating termites from your home or business. With top notch training and products.

logo termidor 150x135 - Termite ControlOur liquid treatments include Termidor which has been proven to eliminate entire colonies and not just block them from certain parts of your home.