Rodent Control

You know how the saying goes, “When the cat is away, the mouse will play,” but if you have food and shelter for them, they might just stay. And we’re not talking about a cute little cartoon rat who will sneak into your kitchen and cook you amazing meals. We’re talking about nasty disease carrying rodents running around your home or business!

Here in Ocala, rats and mice can be a year round problem. And like other pests, they are really good at eating and reproducing. So a tiny problem can become a big one, fast.

All-Around Vermin

Because they have an incredible sense of smell and appetite, rats and mice, can practically chew on anything edible from food to electrical wiring.

In your home, they could put the health of your family at risk.

In your business, they can be a risk to employees and/or customers and lead to fines or a shutdown of your business.

Our Process

We follow the same process as with all our services to eliminate these pests.

First, we want to examine your entire property and find all current issues as well as other trouble areas. Then we exterminate any rodents we find and implement methods to prevent future infestations.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It’s not uncommon to find rodents when there weren’t any obvious signs. This gives them time to build up a big family. Call us today to get an inspection and ensure you are rodent free!