Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn is a tedious task. Especially here in Ocala, FL. The the tropical climate is prime for all kinds of bugs like fire ants, chinch bugs, mole crickets, fleas and ticks. These bugs can destroy your lawn and be a hazard to you, your family, your house pets, and visitors.

Your lawn is often the first impression anyone has on your home. So keeping it green and pest free is a must. And who wants to sit or play in a yard filled with bugs?

So what do you do when pests suddenly invade your beautiful lawn?

You give us a call! We have proven methods of getting rid of them and keeping them gone.

End the battle of fighting off these lawn invaders. You’ve probably been through your share of DIY pest solutions that only provide temporary relief. Let us, kill the problem for good!

Our Process for Lawn Care

Just as a patient needs the careful examination of a highly-skilled doctor, we always get to the heart of every problem and eliminate it before it gets worse. We first examine your yard for trouble areas and signs of infestation.

Then we apply not only methods of treating any current bugs or pests, we implement solutions to prevent them from coming back.

We also feed your lawn, providing for positive root growth and strength to weather some adverse conditions. It’s something we’ve gotten pretty good at over the years.

Maintain the Beauty of Your Lawn

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the green, bug free lawn you deserve. Call us now for expert lawn care services.