Commercial Pest Control

If only pests are just like human beings capable of paying you back for the damages that they have caused your business, then you might think twice about exterminating them. On the contrary, they’re just plain pests and they’re popular for what they do best – bringing trouble wherever they go. With our advanced commercial pest control, we not only keep vermin far from ruining your business but also prevent property damage from escalating.

Opportunistic Pests

We all want to live in a cozy life and pests, too. In reality, the more successful your business, the more prone it is to pest infestation. Rats and cockroaches love to dwell in spacious and crowded areas like malls and corporate offices. Why? Such places give them more chances of hiding and multiplying.

Fruits of Your Labor

Time is of the essence and creating a successful business venture does not happen overnight. We understand that what you invest to be on top of your game are not just mere efforts but blood, sweat, and tears. At The Bug Doctor, we install security barriers to guard your business against pests but that’s only a part of what we do in our E.V.A.D.E. rule.

  • Evaluate – Our skilled members have a keen eye for details. We inspect every potential nesting ground of pests.
  • Validate – Through our advanced monitoring devices, we can accurately determine if an area is indeed a nesting ground of pests.
  • Anticipate – We are always two steps ahead of the enemies. By thinking how pests would react to traps and pesticides, we can quickly go on aggressive mode to ensure that they don’t escape.
  • Defend – After anticipating the enemies’ next move, we install the necessary traps and barriers to keep them away.
  • Eradicate – Once the pests are captured, we spray the proactive pesticides to make them gone for good.

Protect Your Hard-Earned Resources

Don’t leave your business to chances and risk losing everything. Ask assistance from our well-trained pest busters. We want to help you protect your hard-earned money and other resources for your continuous success.